Mr. Brog Leather Combo Pouch (A Pipe Tobacco Gear Review For You!)


The Mr. Brog Leather Combo Pipe Pouch is a fantastic way to hit the road with a couple of pipes and some of your favorite smoke. It holds one medium-sized pipe or two small pipes and a half an ounce of tobacco comfortably.

Best of all, it’s only $24 bucks, following Mr. Brog’s rule of keeping quality smoking gear down to a sensible price. I went ahead and hunted the best deal, just click here and don’t say old Jay never did anything nice for you!

Back to the review!

This bag is sweet and for the amount I paid, I often find myself staring at in disbelief. I could imagine easily paying twice as much! I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and I can say it works very nicely! It’s rubberized inner lining and pressure sealed tobacco chamber keeps your choice blend fresh for the smoking. And the convenient flap with magnetized button keeps it all nice and cozy.


The pipe holding section is isolated by fabric and holds one to two pipes depending on their size. I can fit a Savinelli 645 Piazza de Spagna and Morgan Bones Hanging Brandy in there comfortably and still get it into my pants pocket with ease.


It works great when I don’t have a lot of time and I just want to toss everything into my pouch and head out. The zippers keep the whole process fast and secure. I simply load it up and slide the pouch into my pocket and hit the road. Great for you folks who dig going on a lunt!


What can I say? I’m no salesman. But I know quality. It’s a good pouch and I feel obligated to pass along the savings. Mr. Brog started with lowering the cost of pipes so that anyone could have a nice wood smoker. Now they are lowering the price of gear so that we can have some quality goods for storing and maintaining our tobacco accouterment. Keep an eye out for more of Mr. Brog’s stuff in the future because I sure dig his style and quality!

See you on the road!

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