Watch City Deluxe Crumb Cut ( A Pipe Tobacco Review For You!)


I turn the corner of the street, not missing a beat. I’ve been commissioned to take photos of working people in Cincinnati for a puff piece a local Newspaper is running. I’m on the job per usual; the camera’s in a heavy bag on my back, and my smoking pouch is at my side. My pipe is empty but wedged in my teeth because I’m afraid I’ll break it if I keep it in my bag as I chug along.

I find my shooting spot, pull out my camera and begin watching. Perhaps a smoke while I wait?

I pull out my new Mr. Brog Tobacco Pouch. Upon opening the bag, I see that the blend I grabbed in a hurry this morning is in a cube style with ribbon mixed in it. Ernie Q of Watch City Cigars calls it Crumb Cut. This is a rich Black Cavendish and White Burley blend.

I notice someone who looks to be traveling or perhaps homeless sleeping on a nearby bench and retrieve my camera, setting my tobacco pouch aside. Ready. Steady. Shoot.


Already taking shots and I haven’t even loaded my pipe yet. Today is going to be a busy day. I grab the tobacco pouch and put it to my nose, breathing in deep. I smell a powerful honey scent. It is round and warm in my nose, mixed with a nuttiness of the burley, and a bit of fruit like apples sitting in the sun on the back porch. Honey, nuts, and apples. Now I’m hungry!

I fill up the pipe and notice how easy it is to load it codger style right out of the pouch. The cut is perfect, and I can guess right away that it’s going to burn nice. Points for convenience and artistry!

I flick the Bic, and at first light, I taste the honey-nuttiness of the burley and a sweet tickle on my tongue. Billows of creamy smoke swish around and I know I have found something special.

I blow it out and sniff the air. The room note is fresh oatmeal mixed with something nectarous and yeasty, like a hot, soft loaf of sweetbread cooling in the summer breeze.

I pack my tobacco bag up, wedge my pipe in my teeth and hit the road, and decide I’m going to cross a nearby bridge over into Kentucky. There’s a homeless man on the bridge asking for change. A tear comes to my eye as the memory of the five years I spent homeless in my 20s wallops me. I gather myself and take the shot.


I continue lunting along. I have to pace my smoking because I want to powerpuff the Crumble Cut, but I don’t want to ruin the smoke. So I practice some self-control and center.

Following the nutty notes of White Burley, I am hit with a rich chocolate at the back of my throat, and I pull that in for a retrohale where I taste a bit of unembellished vanilla as well — all of these tastes work WITH the burley, not against it. The smoldering burley is always at the center, which is what sets this blend apart from other American Style Burleys I’ve had.

The flavor is tantalizing! The room note is catching the attention of other people on the bridge. Velvety sugar lumps cling to my mind. Old-fashioned. It doesn’t have that Burley Burn that I know so well as a Burley addict, which is a feat unto itself! It’s creamy and inviting! It reminds me of something my Grandfather would have smoked back in the day; a blend that I enjoy and others around me can enjoy as well? I didn’t think that was a possibility!

I get to the Kentucky side of the bridge and turn to look over the Ohio River. The fog is beautiful, and I decide to take a shot to try and capture the beauty.


Deluxe Crumble Cut is undoubtedly an all-day smoke. It burns perfectly as I had guessed, down to the bottom of the bowl. Down to a nice whitish-gray ash and it leaves the room smelling wonderful.

The Wizard of Burley, Ernie Q, at Watch City Cigars, blends one of the most flavorful and refreshing Burleys I have ever had. Whether you are a burley nut or just a person who likes aromatic crossovers, this tobacco has something for you! (Also, note that when I say Aromatic, I’m not talking goop and nastiness.) It is light, airy and flavorful, and it is added with an artistic hand. You can tell by observing the tobacco itself; it doesn’t LOOK like an aromatic. That’s important.

If you dig American Burley blends but want to get away from the massive topping and the chemicals they put into them, take a step up and try this! You won’t be sorry because the folks at Watch City do it right, with quality tobacco, hand blended. None of that packaged bulk-blend nonsense. Ernie has surpassed my expectations of what a Burley blend can be!

Watch City Deluxe Crumb Cut is a keeper. I empty the pipe as a thought hits me. I was smoking some Watch City while Watching the City. I laugh at myself.

I head back to the Ohio side of the river and take my final shot. It’s the one that makes the paper. I call the picture “Dragging Time.”


Other Tobacco Notes:

Pipe Used: Peterson System Standard 307, Savinelli 320, Dr. Grabow Big Pipe

Age When Smoked: Fresh From the Store

Purchased From: Watch City Cigars Online Shop

3/4 Stars. A wonderful codger burley with an aromatic twist! Delightful!

Brand Watch City Cigar
Blended By Ernie Q
Blend Type Burley Based
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley
Flavoring Cocoa / Chocolate, Licorice, Vanilla
Cut Coarse Cut
Packaging Bulk
Country US
Production Currently available

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