Wessex Gold Virginia Flake ( A Pipe Tobacco Review For You!)


It’s 5 in the morning on a Wednesday, and I just woke up. I reach for my pipe, wondering already what I am going to smoke. I want something that will wake me up and warm my core. Something citrusy, with a springtime feel, is looming in my future. I reach for an aged can of Wessex Gold Virginia Flake.

I sit down at my desk, slide out my Folding Tobacco Mat and grab my trusty knife. I have a particular way I enjoy my Wessex: cube cut, as discussed in Zen and the Art of Prepping Your Own Tobacco.

I pop the familiar golden tin and instantly blessing my nose with the lemony, clean scent of a proper Virginia Flake. I can smell the years of age on the flake in the form of a sweet, fermented aroma. The extra time spent in the tin has brought the sugars out of the Virginia leaf, sitting on the craggy surface of the flake in the form of small crystals. Beautiful!

I pinch two of the artistically cut, neatly stacked flakes from the tin, setting the rest aside to be jarred up later in a Ball jar. I love the tin note, which is quite healthy and refreshing. I cut the flakes into small cubes and load them into my Morgan Bones Brandy, which I use exclusively for straight Virginia blends.

Upon the false light, I find that the lemon scent I smelled in the tin note has calmed down a bit. It lights well straight from the tin and requires no drying time, which is very handy. There are strong notes of fermented hay which remind me of my grandma’s farm as a small boy. I taste a light floral note, just barely detectable. Very slight.

I give it the true light, and the taste deepens but never runs beyond a mild to medium strength.

It smokes cool for a Virginia flake, especially one that has been stewing for as long as this one has. Still, you need to watch your pacing, which is entirely acceptable for a flake such as this. There are hints of bread and oats; a light spiciness is there as well. There is a touch of sour fruit rolling around, apples perhaps? It is appearing and disappearing as I smoke.

The flake doesn’t produce much smoke, but what it does put out there is nicely flavored. Deeper into the bowl I detect hints of white nuts and freshly cut grass.

I would say an idea smoking situation would be sitting on the porch on a spring morning with a glass of iced tea. I’d smoke it in a pipe with a smaller bowl and a longer stem. The nicotine is mild to medium. This is a great beginner flake because it burns well, it’s easy to prepare and it doesn’t offer any overwhelming smoke or flavors.

Other Tobacco Notes:

Pipes Used: Morgan Bones Hanging Brandy

Age When Smoked: 10 Years Aged

3/4 Stars. A solid Virginia flake that keeps things interesting throughout the bowl. It smokes perfectly to a gray ash. Very pleasurable.

Can’t Find Wessex? Try Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia Flake Pipe Tobacco instead! Very Similar!

Brand Wessex
Blended By Wessex
Blend Type Virginia Based
Contents Virginia
Flavoring None
Cut Flake
Packaging 50g Tin
Country DE
Production Currently available


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