Matches or Lighters? (How About Lighting Your Pipe With Hemp Wick?)


Matches or lighters? It’s a battle that has been raging for many many years. Some say matches are unreliable in windy situations and stink. Others say lighters burn too hot, can damage your pipe and can leave a sticky butane residue in your bowl and on the rim, imparting a taste to the tobacco.

Well, I’m here to tell you about a third option. Hemp Wick Lighting.

What you will need (links to the best prices I could find):

(1) A Lighter
(2) A Spool of Hemp Wick
(optional) A Lighter Cover

Also known as twine lighting, some people, including myself, are using hemp twine to light their pipes. It takes a minute to set up, and it fits in your pocket!

All you do is light the wick and then use the wick to light your pipe! Simple! The advantages of using hemp wick? A small flame combined with the relatively low heat of hemp’s flat combustion rate will reduce your pipe’s exposure to fire damage., Twine Lighting, Lighting A Pipe, Matches, Lighters, Hemp Twine, Pipe Smoking, Tobacco Pipes, Pipe Tobacco

So it is easy. It is portable, and it is cheap. Not to mention it can stop you from damaging your pipe! Sounds like a Win-Win, right?

Often, people will spool their wick around a lighter for easy keeping and portability. The wax in the wick keeps the spool tight and grip the lighter, so it doesn’t fall off.


So get a cheap spool of hemp wick here.
Grab a lighter if you don’t have one here.
And if you want to get fancy, get a lighter cover that includes a hemp spool here.

You’re all set! See you next week with another Quick Pipe Tip!

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