CONTEST: Win An Unopened 8z Bag of Esoterica Cardiff Pipe Tobacco! (And 9 Other Tins of Tobacco and MORE!)


These are a few of my favorite things! How would you like some free tobacco? I’m giving away an 8oz Bag of Esoterica Cardiff and 9 other tins of tobacco, many aged as far back as 2015! All you have to do is subscribe to this blog via email and comment your favorite tobacco below! Good luck! [Continue reading for More Info!]

So you want to win an unopened Bag of that hard to get Esoterica? Scroll down and click on the subscription button to this blog. Then comment your favorite tobacco below! That’s all you have to do and you are in! The winner will be chosen at random one month from today on March 1st 2018! Winners will receive an unopened 8oz bag of Esoterica Cardiff as well as 10 tins of my favorite tobaccos!

The Gift Pack Includes:

1 Eight Oz Bag of Esoterica Cardiff
1 Tin of Squadron Leader
1 Tin of Balkan Flake
1 Tin of Winter Time Flake
1 Tin of Spring Time Flake
1 Tin of Wessex Gold Virginia Flake
1 Tin of Wessex Classic Virginia
1 Tin of Sam’s Flake
1 Tin of Cabbie’s Mixture
1 Tin of Commonwealth
1 Mr Brog Leather Tobacco Pouch
1 Mr Brog Pipe lighter

Thanks for being loyal readers! Good Luck!

[IMPORTANT: Must be at least 18 years old to enter. If you win you will be asked to show your ID.] sponsors this site. Check them out and give them some love!




179 thoughts

  1. I live in Caracas, so my choice of tobacco is very limited and I started pipe smoking a bit over a year ago. saying that I have being very lucky and have tasted around twenty (20) different tobacco types. Of them I found most pleasing Captain Black Cherry, Gold, and Regular in that order and Prince Albert Soft Vanilla. Other tobaccos I find too harsh, and also my wife likes the room note. Peter


  2. Thank you for your blog and reviews. I am enjoying them very much! I have an older Mr Brog lighter I use at my desk. My current favorite tobacco is Frog Morton Across the Pond.


  3. My favorite is sutliff molto dulce, tastes like roasted marshmellows with a hint of cinnamon. Perfect for a after dinner smoke!


  4. I’ve been enjoying your writings and reviews my friend, you have a very special gift! Frog Morton Cellar is my current favorite.


  5. I have been enjoying Briar Works- Country Lawyer and Frog Morton. I am new to pipe smoking and enjoy trying different tobaccos. I have never smoked any of the tobacco that you are giving away so I hope to win.


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