Mr Brog A02 Pipe Lighter (An Accessory Review for You!)


Back in November Mr. Brog got wind of my Blog and sent some of his items my way for review. One of those products in the package was a metal, all-in-one pipe lighter with a tamper and pick that hid in the bottom. After four months of use, I wanted to talk about my experience with the lighter and whether I would recommend it for the $24.99 sale price.

I should say up front; I don’t use a pipe lighter at home because I prefer lighting with hemp wick, as I talked about in this post a while back. There are times, however, when hemp wick is not ideal. When I’m out at the park having a smoke, for instance or on the trail hiking, hemp wick isn’t practical. It is a bit too much to carry, and it can be inconvenient to fumble with when you are out on the town. That’s where this lighter comes in.

Let’s break it down.


The A02, modeled after pipe lighters of the past, is quite stylish and sophisticated. The model that was sent to me is a gold and silver colored variety. Mr. Brog offers it in straight gold, straight silver, gunmetal, and silver/black. There are also varying designs on the lighter worth checking out. Without a doubt, there is a style and color for everyone. He gets extra points for making so many interesting varieties.

I haven’t just used the lighter at the park. I’ve also pulled it out in a group setting at my local Straus Tobacconist’s smoking parlor. I try to smoke in the parlor as often as I can, so that I may soak up some of the knowledge of the longtime smokers there. It fits in nicely amongst the social pipe smoking scene and even received a few compliments when I took it out.


This is a handy lighter.  It doesn’t just look pretty, it delivers. With a one-finger design, flip top and spindle-to-flint ignition, it is easy to light on the first go. The pick/tamper clips into the bottom conveniently. It stays hidden in the handle of the lighter until you need it and has never fallen out. When you need to tamp, you just pull it out and give it a twist. Easy as pie.

The flame is soft, adjustable and comes out at an angle for easy lighting. It works well to light the pipe, and I’ve never had a char or any other problems. Overall, it functions perfectly and is a breeze to use.


The lighter is heavy and well-built. It feels sturdy in the hand. While smoking in the parlor, I’ve been asked to hand it over to some of the more experienced smokers. I’ve only heard good things as they turn it over in their hands.

The spring activated closure has a satisfying, chunky click when you close it. The tension on the closure spring feels the same as it did four months ago. After all this time, putting it through regular use, it shows no sign of wear and still works as perfect as the day I got it.

The flint is held in with a screw-locked spring system, similar to a Zippo, but much more convenient with an open design that doesn’t require you to take the lighter apart to replace the flint. I’ve already replaced the flint once and it was very easy. The butane loads from the bottom, as with any lighter these days.

Overall, I’d say that the build-quality far surpasses the asking price of this pipe.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I think this pipe lighter is a steal at $24.99, and I would even consider the original asking price of $49.99, which I feel is right about what it should be priced. It is well made, stylish, and it works just as you’d expect. It also offers a 2-Year Guarantee.

If you’re in the market for a pipe lighter, I think you should consider one of these Mr Brogs. After four months of use, I can confidently give my mark of approval.

You can buy the lighter directly from Mr. Brog’s Website HERE.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon with another accessory review!

All photos are the property of Justin Day at Photography By Day Studio. You can find more of my work here.


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6 thoughts on “Mr Brog A02 Pipe Lighter (An Accessory Review for You!)

  1. Nice review Justin I’m more afraid someone would steal.the lighter here those things go missing quick but they leave my matches alone


  2. Please explain how you change the flint in my new Borg lighter. You mentioned in your article it was easy to do with out taking it apart.I have adjusted the flame but it takes me three or four times to get it lit! I hope I haven’t another piece of junk.

    Signed by : don’t have a clue☹


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