Samuel Gawith Commonwealth; A Latakia Bomb Enigma!

I’ve been on a Balkan kick lately and I was in the mood for something with extra Latakia in it today, so it may surprise you that I reached for a Samuel Gawith blend. While they make amazing tobacco, I wouldn’t say SG is known for their Lat Bombs, they seem to be more known for their Virginia Blends but there is one in their catalog that I hardly ever hear anything about. Commonwealth Mixture.

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Sleepy Hollow; How My Autumn Begins Every Year!

It’s hard to convey the excitement I feel when I see that Fall has officially begun. I realize it before most people. My reminder comes in the form of sweet sweet smoke because my Autumn starts when Straus is selling Sleepy Hollow again.

It reminds me of when I was little and I saw the first Halloween-flavored McDonald’s adds on TV. They’d be advertising their candy collecting pales with a spookie jingle and I would know summer would soon be over. These reminders normally come before the weather turns, like a little wink and nudge that summer will soon be over and it will be time for Apple Cider and hoodies and technicolor leaves on the trees.

Straus putting out their fall aromatic does that for me now, carrying on a wonderful tradition in my life. So let’s talk about it, and why you might want to try it, even if you aren’t an aromatic smoker.

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The Beauty of Penzance; Everything You Need To Know About the Elusive Leaf

Penzance. What can you say about a tobacco so magical and elusive that it has entire fansites about it? It has the fanbase of a fictional anime or some kind of bizarre film. There are people who spend hours a day putting their names on lists and making documents and spreadsheets and getting credit card information ready just so they can get a single bag of the mighty Penzance. What is this all about?

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