Esoterica Penzance Up Close and Personal

Hello, pipers. I just picked up a new macro lens so I thought I would start exploring close-up photography of our favorite blends. Today we are looking at Esoterica Penzance.


I don’t know about you, but just looking at the above picture, I can smell the musty, exotic, Oriental Tobaccos in this wonderful blend. Then the woody Latakia drifts into my nose and my mouth starts to water. Finally, the sweet hay aroma of Virginia tobaccos seal the deal and I have to pack another bowl and light up.

Let’s look a bit closer.


You can see the sugar crystals starting to form. As far as my individual batches in my cellar, this is rather young at just 3 years. Penzance ages exceptionally well for a blend with Orientals and Latakia in it. Add another five years to this and the Latakia softens and gains a bit of a floral aspect similar to Syrian Latakia, the Orientals gain depth with a sour, fermented taste and the wonderful Germain’s Virginia will sweeten much more and you have a smoke that can take you to new heights of flavor and enjoyment.

I’ll leave you with an image that gets just a step closer. This is the closest I can get with my current setup. Try to spot the humble beginnings of crystals on this amazing blend. Take care and thanks for reading.



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