*CLOSED* CONTEST! Esoterica Pembroke! Win an Unopened Tin!


Hey landlubbers! How would you like some free tobacco? I’m giving away a tin of Esoterica Pembroke. All you have to do is like the Tobacco Diaries Facebook Page then look for the Christmas Pirate Flag Pinned to the Top of the Page. Comment your pirate name under the skull and crossed candycanes and you are in! Good luck!

So you’ve heard all about Penzance and Stonehaven, but what about Pembroke? It is FANTASTIC! Do you want to win an unopened Tin of Esoterica? Arm the Tobacco Cannons, an attack is forthcoming! A special long-form Storied Review will be released on Christmas Day. The theme is pirates! What is your pirate name? The winner will be chosen at random one month from today on Jan 21st! Winners will receive an unopened tin of Esoterica Pembroke as well as a sampler of 10 of my favorite tobaccos! So hop to it! Here is a link to the Tobacco Diaries Facebook Page! Like Like the Facebook Page. Look for the Pirate Skull with a Santa Hat and Crossed Candy Canes, it is pinned to the top of the Page. Comment your pirate name under the flag and that’s it! Have fun and Happy Holidays!

[IMPORTANT: Must be at least 18 years old to enter. If you win you will be asked to show your ID.]