Tabac Manil’s Le Petit Robin (A Longform Tobacco Review For You!)


It’s 6 in the morning on a Tuesday, and I just woke up an hour ago. I reach for my Mr. Brog #89, considering what I should smoke. It’s cold outside, so I want something that will wake me up and warm my body. Something classy, with an old school vibe. I decide on an unopened brick of Tabac Manil’s Le Petit Robin.

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Esoterica’s Brighton Tobacco Review


I am hiking the bright Kentucky hinterlands, walking with camera in hand, pipe in my teeth and dogs at my side as the cold dew clings to the cuffs of my jeans and the smell of thick forests sweep past my olfactory senses. There is a blank slate in the clarity of winter air that allows the coppice space to make magic.

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